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ThreeSpires Physiotherapy delivers professional home visit physiotherapy in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas. Wherever you may reside near Sutton Coldfield we are able to provide an array of treatment options

We are able to offer post surgical rehabilitation, neurological physiotherapy, acupuncture, back and neck pain treatment, sports massage and elderly rehab.

Our goal as always is to provide the highest quality physiotherapy service to you at home. So if you live in Sutton Coldfield or Four Oaks and need a physio just give us a call on 0788 428 1623, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form


Why home visit physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy that takes place at home can deliver many benefits that traditional physiotherapy based in a physical practice just can not provide and is now being widely accepted as the best way of delivering physiotherapy. Our physiotherapy patients do not have the hassle of finding more time in their busy schedules to travel to see a physiotherapist - instead our physiotherapists do that for them and visit them at home! For some patients working long days, with difficult commutes and busy lives, this can be of significant benefit. 

Clearly our home visit physiotherapy service delivers more benefits than that of just time saving; assessment at home allows a complete review of the ways in which your home and lifestyle might affect your condition and possibility of successful rehabilitation. This enables us to determine the optimal treatment methods and exercises that will work best for you. For patients with a debilitating neurological condition (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis) this can be of great benefit and can also aid patients who are recovering from a stroke. Patients who have been unwell and been to hospital often find home visit physiotherapy to be the ideal solution when they are commencing the long journey of rehabilitation and strengthening.

Some patients find mobilising difficult if not impossible and  for these patients the effort required to visit a clinic makes rehab almost impossible. For patients such as these, physiotherapy at home offers a great solution as it negates the difficulty of visiting a physiotherapy clinic. Patients have many reasons for finding walking and mobilising hard: possibly they will have had surgery (possibly a hip replacement) or been ill and been into hospital and become de-conditioned and lost confidence. Our physiotherapy service offers an ideal way to recover and get stronger for these patients as it enables rehabilitation to take place much earlier and in the comfort and safety of the home.


What will it involve?

Once you have booked an appointment, an experienced  physiotherapist will visit you at home. Each physiotherapist carries a plinth (massage/assessment table) and a bag with equipment they may need. 

The initial session begins with a verbal discussion with the  physiotherapist. This enables the physiotherapist to determine with your help what your primary problem is, understand your goals and also to review past medical history. Experience has demonstrated that this part is essential as it allows you the time to detail what you are looking for and also allows the physiotherapist to prepare a plan of how they may be able to assist.

A thorough physical review then takes place, this can cover many factors including (but not limited to) - balance, strength, co-ordination, movement, alignment and gait. Here your physiotherapist is looking to identify dysfunctionsand  any underlying causes. This is put together with the information gleaned from the earlier section to prepare a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Any diagnosis will be thoroughly explained and your physiotherapist will take you through the logic and reasoning associated with that diagnosis. Our experience has clearly shown us that the best outcomes are achieved with patients when they have a clear understanding of their problem and what they can do to help themselves.

The treatment part will then begin - there are multiple options including spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, acupuncture and sports massage. Once the session has finished any exercises that you need to complete are detailed and any follow up sessions booked

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If you need physiotherapy in Sutton Coldfield or would like further information just give us a call on 0788 428 1623, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form

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