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Neck Pain, Physiotherapy, Lichfield, Cervical Spine, Cannock, Walsall, TamworthNeck pain is a common condition, often associated with headaches, which can refer pain down to the shoulder and upper back regions. Here at ThreeSpires Physiotherapy we provide a home visit physiotherapy service to help with neck pain and related conditions. We are based in Lichfield and provide physiotherapy to surrounding areas such as Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Cannock and Rugeley.

If untreated neck pain can become chronic and cause other secondary compensations such as poor posture and muscle spasms. So why not let our expert physiotherapists help you with your neck pain?

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How can ThreeSpires Physiotherapy help me with my neck pain?

A physio will come to your home at a time and day of your choosing – avoiding the need to take time off work, attempt to finish early or struggle out of the house if your pain is extremely severe.

A full subjective assessment (discussion with your physio) will be conducted of your lifestyle, past medical history, symptoms, aggravating factors, nature of the condition and any predisposing factors in order to gain a full picture of your neck pain and the likely causes.

A comprehensive physical examination of your posture, strength, range of movement at the neck and shoulders and bio-mechanics will then take place. This will enable us to identify and diagnose the underlying cause of your neck pain and develop an effective treatment plan to alleviate your pain and assist you in returning to full fitness.

Treatment options during the session may include, joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage,  stretching, trigger point release, myofascial release techniques, soft tissue release, proprioceptive neuro-muscular facilitation. The appropriate combination of treatment options will be chosen by your therapist and tailored to provide maximum relief for your neck pain.

Self management is a key part of recovering from neck pain and your physio will provide you with an individualised rehabilitation program that is tailored to meet your requirements and goals. Elements included in this program will be: a graded strengthening and exercise program and postural management strategies to avoid a reoccurrence of your neck pain.

What causes neck pain?  

There are several possible causes of neck pain:

Neck Posture – maintaining a poor neck and shoulder posture for long periods of time can aggravate the structures of the neck and cause pain. A typical cervical posture would be a jutting chin and rounded shoulders. This puts more stress on the intervertebral joints, muscles, fascia and nerves of the neck. Typically patients will complain of an aching or occasionally burning pain across the neck and top of the shoulders. Office workers who spend long hours sat at a computer are most likely to suffer from this.

Nerve Root Irritation – the spinal nerves that emerge at each spinal level can sometimes become compressed and irritated possibly due to a cervical disc bulge or degenerative changes in the neck. This causes pain in the neck that often radiates across the shoulders. Some patients may feel pins and needles in their shoulders or down their arms into their fingers which may be accompanied by weakness. Pain can be a burning or aching sensation.

Neural Tension – several major nerves run from the cervical area and down through the shoulder into the arms and hands. Sometimes the surrounding tissues adhere to the nerves preventing free and normal movement. This causes an increased resistance and load on the nerve and pulls at it – causing pain. This may present as neck and shoulder pain with a burning and aching pain that radiates down the arm. Pins and needles, numbness and weakness may also accompany this pain depending upon severity.

Whiplash – is the name given to neck pain resulting most commonly from rear-end vehicle impacts. Permanent damage is very rare and the long-term prognosis is good. It arises from a sudden violent backwards jerk of the head and then a subsequent violent flexion as is common in road traffic accidents where you are hit from behind. Many people get pain in the back of the neck which is worse when moving. Pain may radiate to the head, the shoulders, arms or between the shoulder blades.

So if you have neck pain, want to speed up your recovery and would like home visit physiotherapy, then get in touch to arrange an appointment. We provide physiotherapy at home in Lichfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall and Cannock.

To arrange an appointment you can call us on 0788 428 1623 email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively use the contact form

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