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ThreeSpires Physiotherapy provides home visit physiotherapy for a wide range of conditions, which are listed below. We are based in Lichfield and offer physiotherapy in surrounding areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Rugeley, Walsall and Cannock.

If your injury/condition isn’t listed or you require further information call 0788 428 1623 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form 

Three Spires Physiotherapy will assess the underlying cause to your pain or problem, provide effective treatment in your home and explain how to self-manage your condition.

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Back Pain, Lichfield, Physiotherapy, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall

Back Pain - affects most people at some stage. There are various causes such as  poor posture, disc problems, nerve root compression, sciatica and sacro-illiac problems. If not treated, back pain can become chronic and lead to reduced mobility, function and time off work… read more

Neck Pain, Lichfield, Physiotherapy, Sutton Coldfield, Cannock, Walsall

Neck Pain - This is often associated with headaches and can sometimes refer pain down to the shoulder region. It is very common in office workers who spend large numbers of hours sat at a PC…read more

Headaches, Lichfield, Tamworth, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture

Headaches - affect a large proportion of the population and are often seen in those with poor posture, office workers and people under large amounts stress. These can be caused by stiffness and tightness of the joints, muscles and fascia of the neck. These type of headaches are called cervical headaches … read more

Shoulder Pain, Lichfield, Rotator Cuff, Sutton Coldfield, Rugeley, Walsall, Physiotherapy

Shoulder Problems - The shoulder is a complex joint and pain or reduced range of movement can be caused in a number of ways. Neck problems can often present as pain in the shoulder region by referring pain downwards, the small muscles of the shoulder (rotator cuff) can be impinged and cause pain, reduced range of movement can be caused by adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)… read more

Knee Pain, Lichfield, Patello-Femoral Pain, Physiotherapy, Sutton Coldfield, Cannock

Knee Problems/Pain - The knee is a weightbearing joint subject to enormous forces on a daily basis and as such knee problems can often be extremely debilitating and painful. Common causes of knee problems can be muscle imbalances, an overly tight iliotibial band, cartilage/meniscal problems and poorly activating hamstrings/quads…read more

Golfer's Elbow, Lichfield, Tennis Elbow, Sutton Coldfield, Physiotherapy, Cannock

Elbow Problems - The two most common elbow pathologies are tennis and golfer’s elbow (lateral and medial epicondylitis). These are thought to be caused by an initial injury that fails to heal correctly and then becomes a chronic condition. Other potential causes of elbow pain are inflammation/injury to the muscles around the elbow such as biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis… read more

Hand Pain, Wrist Pain, Lichfield, Cannock, Physiotherapy, Sutton Coldfield

Hand & Wrist - The hand and wrist are some of the most complex joints in the human body and are extremely sensitive to injury. Hand or wrist pain can be debilitating, reduce the ability to work and become chronic if not treated correctly. Common causes of pain are carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervain’s Syndrome, arthritis and Dupuytren’s Syndrome… read more

Ankle Strain, Lichfield, Physiotherapy, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall

Foot and Ankle Problems - Pain in the feet or ankle area can be caused by a number of conditions such as ankle ligament strains, peroneal tendonitis/tendonosis, achilles tendonosis, plantar fasciitis. These conditions can be very painful… read more

Hip Bursitis, Lichfield, Tamworth, Cannock, Physiotherapy, Walsall

Hip Pain - can be caused by an inflammation of the trochanteric bursa, muscle imbalance, referred pain from other regions such as the lower back or sacro-iliac joint or a groin strain… read more

ThreeSpires Physiotherapy is based in Lichfield and delivers physiotherapy at patients' homes anywhere within a 25 minute drive. This includes areas such as Tamworth, Rugeley, Cannock, Walsall and Sutton Coldfield. If you need physiotherapy or would like more information please get in touch on 0788 428 1623 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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